The SWORD Project

The SWORD Project 1.7

Bible software for studying and comparing up to three versions of the Scriptures
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The SWORD Project is software that lets you compare up to three Biblical texts simultaneously. This feature is very useful for comparing different versions of the Scriptures in the same language, (for example, King James version with American Standard or Apostles' versions), or for studying the Bible in different languages, including those in which it was written originally, i.e., Hebrew and Greek. Also, the program includes a very useful Search feature that lets you find any word in the different versions of the Scriptures you are comparing. You can create a list of verses from this search for future reference. Another interesting feature is the Transliteration option. With the help of it, you can transliterate the Biblical text into several languages and fonts for sharing with people who may not be able to visualize the text in its original script. For example, if you are visualizing a Hebrew version of the Scripture, you can transliterate it to Latin characters and so on.
The Starter Pack includes the basic software, plus three versions of the Bible (English, Greek and Hebrew) and Personal Notes support, which lets you add your own commentaries to the text. You can suplement this basic software with ad-ins such as dictionaries, commentaries, versions of the Bible in several languages, and so forth. This is very useful software for clerics and laypersons interested in studying the Holly Bible.

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  • It lets you compare up to three different versions of the Bible
  • Easy to use
  • You can add more complements
  • And it's free


  • A little difficult to use at first
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